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Natures Purest Omega 3 supplements have been formulated to deliver the optimum benefits of omega-3 by ensuring that these important fats can get into your cells quickly where they can get to work!

  • We use high dose high concentration omega-3 oils to support specific health conditions and concerns, delivering clinically effective omega-3 blood plasma levels associated with healthy biomarkers
  • We use wild fish, unlike in many omega-3 supplements that use farmed fish. We source our fish oil from short-lived deep-sea anchovies in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean to minimise pollutant bioaccumulation to produce a purer oil than from species such as salmon or tuna
  • Fish body oil minimises toxins in the raw oil, unlike fish liver oils
  • Molecular distillation purifies the oils to remove dioxins, methyl mercury and PCBs
  • Esterification concentrates the fish oil to produce high active amounts of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, facilitating therapeutic doses without exposure to heavy metals & PCBs
  • Independent batch-testing guarantees product quality
  • High concentration oils optimise absorption, since the body has a limited capacity for absorbing fats
  • We remove vitamin A, which is one of the reasons it is not advisable to eat huge volumes of fish to achieve clinical omega-3 doses