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Natures Purest is proud to bring you Igennus Healthcare Nutrition optimum health supplements.

Igennus supplements have been formulated to deliver the optimum benefits of omega-3 by ensuring that these important fats can get into your cells quickly where they can get to work! The goal of supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids is to increase the levels of EPA and DHA in our tissues, and a good marker of this is the level of EPA and DHA in our red blood cell membranes - known as the omega-3 index. Raising the omega-3 index to approximately 10% is associated with excellent long-term health, and the lowest risk of heart disease and mental health disorders. In order to raise our omega-3 index, a good omega-3 supplement must offer a combination of all three of the following factors:

  • high concentration actives (we have a limited capacity for absorbing fat, so concentrated omega-3 oils increase the amount of EPA and DHA that are absorbed)

  • bioavailable form (to enhance the proportion of active ingredients that are digested)

  • sufficient dose (the average adult would need in excess of 500 mg EPA/DHA to raise red blood cell levels -  lifestyle, diet & body weight strongly influence the required dose)

Studies have shown that rTG and EE forms of omega-3 are the most efficient and effective at raising omega-3 levels, as they are unrivalled in terms of concentration and dose. Most omega-3 supplements (such as standard TG fish oil or krill oil) do not produce meaningful increases to red blood cell omega-3 levels because they only offer good bioavailability, while being very poor in terms of concentration and dose.

Our ultra pure clinical grade supplements have been formulated by a team of technical experts, both medical and research based, enabling us to:

  • Provide specific formulations for your needs, whether for preventative health, or to restore fatty acid levels (deficiencies are often evident in conditions such as Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cardiovascular problems, Neurological and Inflammatory conditions).
  • Offer natural and effective alternatives or add-ons to common treatment options, without the side effects associated with conventional medicines.
  • Guarantee you a trusted, well tolerated and safe source of nutritional supplements developed in accordance with the latest research.

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