IRON Bisglyclinate with Vitamin C | 6 Month Supply

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Many of our brands are taken as co-therapies for medical conditions by people whose digestion may be compromised, or whose sensitivity to certain additives is heightened and who cannot tolerate toxins and heavy metals (such as those found in large fish species). This makes quality and safety one of our core principles that we never, ever compromise on. All of our products have been manufactured to be safe, effective and well tolerated – values that dictate all aspects of our R&D and manufacturing process.

From the type of fish we use in our omega-3 oils, to the raw oil quality, capsule shell composition and packaging – each and every component in our manufacturing process is designed with safety in mind. Our quality procedures don’t end with the finished product; we batch-test our supplements throughout their shelf life to guarantee levels of key active ingredients and low oxidation.

We’re all about ‘natural’, so why do we emphasise that our products are ‘pharmaceutical-grade’? In terms of manufacturing standards, you don’t get more stringent and strict than GMP-certified facilities producing pharmaceutical products. This is one of the reasons our products have passed very strict IMPD dossiers (Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier) authorising their use in clinical trials for medicinal use.


Our advanced products are expertly formulated from the highest quality, natural raw ingredients at therapeutic doses to provide demonstrable improvements to health. Our supplements are effective because we focus on the best quality forms of ingredients and, depending on the individual nutrient(s) and application, we ensure high concentration and/or bioavailability. Sometimes we believe nature needs a helping hand and, where necessary or beneficial to improve therapeutic outcomes, we call on science and use effective delivery systems such as sustained release or VESIsorb®technology.

  • We avoid ingredients with common allergens, including dairy, gluten, lactose, soya and yeast
  • Always GMO-free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Bioavailable forms of ingredients ensure optimal digestion and absorption
  • Halal & kosher ingredients used when available
  • Sustainability features high on our criteria for the source of our fish: we use sustainable anchovies that have minimal impact on biodiversity
  • Environmentally friendly & safe packaging is key: we use safe plastics in our packaging. We use paper and card from mixed sources, much of which is FSC certified
  • We use high dose high concentration omega-3 oils to support specific health conditions and concerns, delivering clinically effective omega-3 blood plasma levels associated with healthy biomarkers
  • We use wild fish, unlike in many omega-3 supplements that use farmed fish. We source our fish oil from short-lived deep-sea anchovies to minimise pollutant bioaccumulation to produce a purer oil than from species such as salmon or tuna
  • Fish body oil minimises toxins in the raw oil, unlike fish liver oils
  • Molecular distillation purifies the oils to remove dioxins, methyl mercury and PCBs
  • Esterification concentrates the fish oil to produce high active amounts of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, facilitating therapeutic doses without exposure to heavy metals & PCB
  • Independent batch-testing guarantees product quality
  • High concentration oils optimise absorption, since the body has a limited capacity for absorbing fats
  • We remove vitamin A, which is one of the reasons it is not advisable to eat huge volumes of fish to achieve clinical omega-3 doses

Our ultra-concentrated omega-3 supplements need extra protection against oxidation so we ensure they are constantly protected from air exposure. Our oils remain under a nitrogen cap until encapsulated and are packaged in protective individual blister packaging, with the antioxidant protection of vitamin E. This prevents the production of peroxidase products, with no need for refrigeration during storage or transport.