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Bone and Joint Health

With wear and tear from activity and age, our joints eventually wear out, often causing pain and discomfort as we get older due to years of constant use. Arthritis is a common inflammatory joint disease and can lead to destruction of the cartilage that protects the delicate bone surface in the joints.

Nutrition support for joint pain symptoms and conditions such as arthritis can provide significant relief for sufferers. Strategies centre around regulating inflammation and providing nutrients that make up the building blocks of the synovial fluid, cartilage and collagen to replenish and repair damaged joint tissue, whilst also supporting healthy bone dens

Our joints are made up of a complex arrangement of tendons, ligaments, tissue and bone. Issues with any of these components, or damage to them arising from inflammation, can significantly impair movement and mobility. Adverse effects on joint and bone health can contribute to conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

The building blocks within our joint tissues undergo constant recycling and these can easily become depleted if the body's needs exceed the rate at which they are produced, such as with specific inflammatory conditions, ageing or wear and tear arising from physical activity.

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Omegaflex DUO is an advanced multi-action formula designed to provide effective bone and joint support for people with active lifestyles, those needing help with age-related wear and tear, or people with specific joint conditions. Glucosamine HCL, calcium and  vitamins C & D3 replenish the synovial fluid, support collagen synthesis and form the building blocks for cartilage and bone tissue renewal. Important fatty acids EPA and GLA provide anti-inflammatory support and offer relief from pain and discomfort.

Omegaflex has been formulated for people with joint problems, athletes and active individuals who do not require additional calcium for bone health.

Re-esterified EPA at 70% concentration for superior bioavailability and absorption
Added micronutrients vitamin C (reduces oxidative stress and promotes collagen), manganese (promotes connective tissue formation) & molybdenum (supports cartilage).

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  • Bone & Joint Formula

    Great for: support for joint and bone health

    Omegaflex DUO is an advanced multi-action formula combining glucosamine & calcium capsules with EPA-rich omega-3 fish oil and GLA, designed to provide comprehensive support for joint and bone health.

    • SUPER-ABSORBABLE GLUCOSAMINE HCL replenishes joint connective tissue & supports collagen production to protect against wear and tear
    • BIOAVAILABLE ALGAE-DERIVED CALCIUM with over 70 other minerals and trace minerals including boron, copper, magnesium, selenium and silica, which support bone health, immune function and inflammation regulation
    • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT: formulated with concentrated EPA omega-3 wild fish oil & organic evening primrose oil for optimal omega-3 & 6 balance and anti-inflammatory support
    • TISSUE-SUPPORTING VITAMINS & MINERALS: magnesium, zinc and vitamins C and D3 support immune function, enhance collagen synthesis and provide strength, resilience and support to connective tissues, tendons, bones and cartilage
    • ULTRA-PURE WILD FISH OIL: wild anchovies are small and short-lived, so they are less prone than larger species to pollutant buildup. Molecularly distilled to remove dioxins, mercury & PCBs to virtually undetectable levels
    • CONSISTENT PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEED: GMP manufactured (click here)  - quality standards that medicines manufacturers must meet in their production processes to ensure products are of consistent high quality. 3rd party tested (clcik here) to ensure purity, active ingredients, nutritional value and safety

    Each box provides a 1-month supply at a daily dosage of 2 +1  capsules.