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8th May, 2015

Alzheimer’s treatment & dementia prevention

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining brain health throughout life. In this article we focus on brain ageing and the role of omega-3s...

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25th April, 2015

Are grains the enemy?

Bigstock Sliced Bread 1063497 Copy 300X200With the paleo diet recently taking headlines amongst the health conscious, grain-free diets have certainly become very...

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23rd March, 2015

Transform how you feel with MindCare advanced brain nutrition

Mindcare Range Web CopyToo many people don’t obtain the full spectrum of important nutrients to safeguard their brain health. Whether we are struggling to concentrate at work, or feel...

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12th March, 2015

Navigate Through the Menopause

Some call it ‘the change’, whilst others refer to it theatrically as the ‘grand climacteric’. A few of us know it by the expression ‘Like childbirth and a life of PMS isn’t enough?!’, and others still have even been heard saying, ‘Shouldn’t have eaten the forbidden fruit from...

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11th March, 2015

10 things to make your heart beat stronger

For decades heart disease was the number one killer in western society so naturally we should be proud of ourselves that we have managed to wrestle cardiovascular disease from the top spot. Deceptively it’s not medication, a better diet or the introduction of ‘low-fat’ spreads instead of butter...

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