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25th October, 2017

How to FEEL younger for longer: natural ways to slow the effects of ageing

If you ask the majority of people aged 60+ if they feel old, the chances are that they will respond that mentally they are still in their youth, it’s just their body that lets them down. It is often the physical changes that occur with ageing that affect, even hamper, lifestyles that are at the...

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9th August, 2017

Stress & Adrenal fatigue: causes, symptoms & recovery

We all want more energy, but we need to get our heads around the fact that maintaining high energy levels can’t simply be achieved from devouring a huge chocolate bar (however much we wish!) Energy levels are far more complicated than calories from sugar giving you a temporary blood sugar high. How...

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3rd June, 2017

Spotlight on Pure Essentials Daily Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot recently, thanks to TV shows such as ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ and news reports of its potential ability to stop the common cold and flu. The truth is that vitamin D is receiving a lot of hype for a lot of important reasons.

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29th September, 2016

Why Fish Oils Aren’t All The Same

For those who take a fish oil supplement everyday or eat a decent amount of fresh fish, it can be assumed that it is all created equal.

Unfortunately – this is just not the case.

A lot of people consider all fish oil supplements the same. The only difference is the...

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20th July, 2016

Top tips for better sleep: diet , supplements & lifestyle

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for optimum health, yet for many of us this isn’t always an easy task.  Bigstock Beautiful Girl Sleeps In The B...</p>

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